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Band Tees [24 May 2012|07:19pm]

Anyone still read this community?!?!
I have band tees to get rid of! Namely, Mindless Self Indulgence, Kill Hannah, System Of A Down...
Maybe some others...
Hit me up (or comment) if interested!!
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[09 Jul 2011|09:58pm]

I have some Insane Clown Posse t-shirts, 1 Marilyn Manson t-shirt, and 1 Misfits top in my sales journal. rainbowsales
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Hey i wanted to know if anyone is selling any fun. merch? [26 Jun 2011|01:20am]

 Just message me if you're willing to sell any in size x-small, small  and maybeee even medium
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Узнай имя мужа или жены [05 Mar 2011|06:20pm]

Sell me chiodos ! [15 Nov 2010|07:20pm]

Hey everyone :3

I would love to buy a old chiodos shirt from anyone !

u got it let me know !

Message me
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Selling Shirts [13 Jul 2010|10:09pm]

If you want one (or more) of the shirts listed below please comment on my original journal entry: HERE. Thank you :)
I am selling a Panic At the Disco Shirt, a Metro Station shirt, and a Cute Is What We Aim For shirt.
Below are the detail shots of the logos on the shirts. For more pictures of the shirts again please check out my journal.

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2 bands t-shirts [16 Jul 2009|08:29pm]

I accept trades for these

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Weezer tshirt up on ebay! [13 May 2009|02:20pm]

A rare Weezer tee on ebay!
One more day on ebay!

See it here!
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[26 Jan 2009|12:56pm]

Anyone have any Brand New t-shirts? (the band)

i'm going crazy looking for one...thanks!
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[23 Dec 2008|12:37pm]

New stuff added - make an offer!

Motorhead, Slipknot and Evanesence t-shirts up on ebay [17 Nov 2008|04:21pm]


Click here to view

All size medium and all in perfect condition apart from being slightly faded. All brought in 2004 from the band's tours. Need to clear out space so am hoping these can go to someone who will appreciate them a bit more!
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For Sale [04 Nov 2008|10:41pm]

So I have about 30some band shirts and jackets/hoodies that I'm trying to get rid of. All band tees are below $7. I just need to get rid of all of them. All prices are negotiable, but I feel like they're pretty reasonable at this point. If you want anything, please just comment, and we can work out the rest of the details.


click to view!

Bands include:

Terror, Norma Jean, Underoath, HOODS, The Devil Wears Prada, As I Lay Dying, A7X, A Life Once Lost, AFI, Fear Before the March of Flames, The Bled, Taking Back Sunday, Hawthorne Heights, Silverstein, Saosin, HIM, Linkin Park, Unearth, The Used, From First To Last, Nine Inch Nails, Eighteen Visions, and more!
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Lots of band shirts for sale [12 Sep 2008|07:12pm]

I have lots of band shirts for sale, mostly picked up on tours around 2004-2006. All shirts are £4 (or 5 euros or $7) without P&P, please comment or message to find out postage costs as it will vary from where you are situtated :) I am in the UK, and will accept postal orders and cheques from UKers only. I accept paypal from everyone.
If you want any more info or photos, feel free to ask :)

Buzzcocks, Rammstein, Slipknot, Girlschool, Motorhead, Class of Zero, Lacuna CoilCollapse )</div>
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[19 May 2008|03:06pm]

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[04 Mar 2008|02:40pm]


let's make some deals! we're open to trading & cheaaaaaap deals!!!
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[18 Dec 2007|06:10pm]

Selling 4 band shirts. I'm asking $10-12 (shipping included, paypal preferred) for each of them or the best offer I can get. Email me if interested: at_tree_level@yahoo.com

Thursday, Matchbook Romance, Bright Eyes, The Early NovemberCollapse )
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[29 Nov 2007|10:22am]

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Deciet Clothing [15 Nov 2007|10:46am]

[ mood | awake ]

Right now We're selling a few band shirts

We're also trying to think of new band shirt ideas.
If you have a band youd like to see on a shirt let us know :D

We'd love to see what we can come up with

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